• The High Performing Team

    We have developed a unique workshop together with qualified management consultants to get management teams/project teams to perform at a high level in terms of business.

    Combining business- and behaviour-oriented questions in one and the same development situation creates unique conditions for change.

    The programme is tailored to your situation and is based on the participants facing business questions and dilemmas. The team’s actions and solutions to the tasks are observed by the consultants who give feedback to the participants, individually as well as to the whole team.

    The High Performing Team culminates in a common tangible action plan for the team and the individual.

    The High Performing Team is a challenging learning process that focuses on WHAT and HOW the team must develop to achieve better business results.

  • Customer value analyses

    Most companies today claim that they sell their products because of the value the product creates for the customers. But what specific tangible value do your products create for your customers?

    According to our view of customer value, your customers should be able to measure the ECONOMIC effect of buying what you offer.

    To consolidate and further develop the customer value base that forms the basis of your sales, we have developed a unique method to measure the economic effect of a specific offer. We have carried out customer value analyses since the end of the 1990s for offers ranging from Aircraft Maintenance, Operations Support Systems, Marine Diesel Engines for commercial traffic, Services for telecom operators and Radio Relay Equipment.

    The results of a customer value analysis are used for Pricing, Sales Development, Product Development and Market Communication.

  • Business-economic projects

    We also carry out operational projects together with our customers. This usually involves us providing support at the initial stage with analyses and development of change proposals.

    Some examples of assignments:
    -Distributed or central stock
    -Development of models and tools for business control
    -Profitability analysis of business areas
    -Price model and packaging of software

  • Training design

    Our experience of producing tailored business training goes back to the 1980s. We have long international experience of in-depth cooperation with several of Sweden’s leading global technology driven companies. We know what and how to make the training work and deliver the desired effect.

    We are happy to share these experiences with you if you are planning your own internal training. Professional help to design training can prove a very good investment, and it can range from an overall format and teaching methods to coaching individuals to act as internal instructors.

  • Knowledge tests

    Our Internet-based tool for assessing knowledge in an organisation is an effective aid for planning and dimensioning training. It is hugely important to the quality of training that it is aimed at the right participants and has the right content. Few companies use the technology available today, however, to assess the staff before an investment in training. Our tool makes this simple and cost-effective.

    It is of course also important to measure the results of the training. Our Internet-based tool provides an excellent way to do this.