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    Om utbildningarna

    "I've done so many cases and have never seen one as realistic as this. It feels like my full semester work at school delivered in three days. Makes me question my school years, to say the best!"

    "I’m starting as key account manager... I now know better the impact of my actions and decisions on the customers and our company’s bottom line."

    "I believe this program is an excellent tool for all people involved in sales; it will help them to a better understanding of finance. It puts the customer at the centre."

    "Beyond my expectations."

    "I would recommend it to as many tech engineers as possible, especially if they are in relation to contract discussions."

    "This week I attended a very good course, 2 days financial training… It was a very good way to understand general business and the financial aspect of it… I can highly recommend it, 2 days well spent."

    "Incredibly educational!"

    "Excellent training! Good skill for my daily work. Congratulations!"

    "Överträffade mina förväntningar. Mycket intressantare och mer tankar, lärdom att ta med sig, än jag trodde!"

    "Detta var et super kursus!"

    "Bra. Kommer att användas i mitt jobb."

    "Bra och verklighetstrogna övningar."

    Om oss som utbildare

    "He has a very thorough understanding & passion in teaching finance."

    "They are very professional and fantastic in transferring the knowledge."

    "Extremely nice, patient and pedagogic. And a pleasure to be with."

    "Has a wonderful sense of humor and that makes the whole learning process so much easier and better."