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    Involvement leads to results

    Our way of working aims to bring about involvement and results. This is best achieved through action learning. Your staff will use our teaching methods to carry out practical exercises with a clear link to the reality of your company. This applies regardless of the field and subject. With a learning model that is a process, participants are given the opportunity to practise and use theories and tools in their everyday work.

    Together we will develop the content and key areas to achieve your specific business goals and design a programme using different methods such as e-learning, case studies, business simulations and project work to create a results-driven learning process.

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    Business simulation

    The most effective method of learning business economics is to use a business simulation or business game. This allows participants to learn about the economic relationships in the company in a highly interactive and realistic way. The economic consequences of business decisions are quickly understood. The learning is absorbing and provides new insights, whether the participant is a graduate in economics, working in an economic function or is in operational line management with no previous economic training. And it is great fun!

    Independent studies show that simulations are approximately 15 times more effective than traditional classroom teaching for learning about complex relationships or tasks.

    A learning environment that encourages participants to analyse and act themselves and to cooperate with the group members creates a unique opportunity for “learning-by-doing”. Our simulations are usually carried out as competitions. This generates a powerful experience of excitement, team spirit and involvement that creates great energy and concentration, which in themselves promote learning.

    Our instructors that carry out the training contriubte with tailor made examples, exercises and discussions based on the reality of your company woven into a simulation.

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    Case based learning

    Real life case studies provide a very effective method of in-depth understanding of business situations. At AFK Value Management, we start out from cases purchased from Harvard Business School in the USA. Based on these, we develop questions adapted completely to the challenges facing your company. Working with cases in this way guarantees the highest quality while offering a cost-effective way of building up a unique training situation for your company.

    Case studies are perfect for developing business skills and team knowledge in individuals and management teams.

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    We use our own Internet-based tools to support and deepen the learning. The tools can form part of the preparations for a workshop or be used as repetition tools to retain newly acquired knowledge or to disseminate specific business-related knowledge quickly to big groups in your organisation. Internet-based tools can also be useful for simple assessments of the knowledge in an organisation to facilitate the selection of target groups, adapt contents, etc.